"Your mission is spot on, and I wish you continued success."

--Johnny, retired newspaper editor


“The curriculum provides powerful and needed concepts and theories that can support leaders as they explore this model of leadership … We no longer have a choice as to what types of leadership models we choose.  Either we choose to find a way to support and listen to each other; we choose to bring out the best in each other, or we face the consequences.

--Raj Chawla, International Organization Development Consultant and Coach


“If everybody would go through this training, we would have a much different world.”

-- Natalie, non-profit employee


“I really enjoyed the workshop and look forward to a rewarding year because of you guys.”

--Brenau University student


“Great workshop!  Well planned!  What I learned will enable me to be a better leader, parent, and person.”

--Louisa, small business owner


“You are not just paying for an hour class, you are paying for the opportunity to become more proficient at living in peace and unity and building trust.”

-- Gloria, CPA


“I was very impressed with the materials – neat, succinct, orderly, valuable – and your leadership skills – gentle, clear, confident, knowledgeable, wise. The exercises were helpful, well constructed, thought-provoking, insight-producing…Members of the Vestry still make positive references to our retreat and your leadership. I can see the fruits of our labors in this wonderful group of individuals. They are quick to initiate, responsive and responsible.”

--Brad, clergy


“Thank you for a great workshop.  It accomplished just what we wanted to the extent such things can be accomplished in a few hours.  People got to know each other better and they learned some important things about how they deal with conflict …. I was very pleased with the whole thing.

--Dan, Bishop