Healthy leadership is organic, renewable, and sustainable in nature. The GreenLeadership™ approach is to leadership development as wind, solar, tides, and geothermal energy are to the environment. It is a green model of leadership development. It is based on shared power; shared decision-making; building trust; collaboration; mutual accountability; and draws on the gifts, strengths, and abilities of each person in the organization.  It's Green by Design.

The time for GreenLeadership™ is now because of the urgent challenges the globe is facing, including the economy, war, and the environment. Because everyone is welcome to join in the problem-solving process, we benefit from everyone’s ideas and expertise. Specific tenets in green leadership including active listening and conflict management help to solve problems in the most creative, productive, and efficient manner possible.

Many people are already savvy about the benefits of a flattened hierarchy, the importance of relationships, and self-awareness to living out healthy leadership.

The Gabriel Center’s training renders the potency of working in community rather than in bureaucracy for its own sake. The program both supports and exemplifies the values of organic, sustainable leadership. Objective and subjective documentation of workshops including written feedback from students and facilitators quantify the success of the program. Satisfaction in organizations; productivity; efficiency; time spent in managing conflict; and goal accomplishment are assessed during the training to provide a benchmark. Annual or semi-annual follow-up in those same categories with participants ensures that the learnings continue to be implemented in productive, healthy, and organic ways.

After training participants go home renewed, replenished, and ready to educate others they encounter in their lives and work in an organic, holistic way. All involved benefit from the teachings in green leadership. And it increases exponentially. As one young participant said, “If everyone took this training, the world would be a much better place.” 

Are you ready to develop a leadership style that is Green By Design: organic, renewable, sustainable? Contact The Gabriel Center to learn how.

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